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Can I add other stuff in here and have outbound links, internal links and more text without it being seen? We help CEOs and their executive teams align around a high-level narrative that clarifies strategy and powers success – in sales, marketing, fundraising, product development, and recruiting. Supercharge business growth through the power of storytelling. Make sure your content is story based, not fact based. We’re in the business of remembering, and story frameworks help prospects retain the information we’re communicating. Stories are more powerful than facts because they fully engage the brain. Which means that you are literally using more of your brain when you are listening to a story. And because you are having a richer brain event, you enjoy the experience more, you understand the information more deeply, and retain it for longer. Bigger than any tagline or campaign idea, it’s a core truth that can’t be disputed because it’s based on beliefs we all share. 

Story Marketing Blog

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February 25, 2019

What is marketing?

Marketing is a link that connects people who want something to companies that sell it. If a company does a good job of marketing their product, they shouldn’t need anyone to sell it. Or, in the…

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