Serko developed Incharge, a clever new business travel expense management app that manages travel receipts in a hassle-free digital way. They recruited us to produce an explainer video to introduce the app to the market and generate online sign-ups.

What we discovered

People are too serious when it comes to dealing with money. We realised for Serko to truly gain market share we had to flip this around and make people laugh about everyday money headaches.

What we did about it

Not ones to shy away from the norm, we took a more novel approach and used humour to tell Serko’s story by reminding prospects of all the things that can go wrong with paper receipts in a very clever, clear way.

And the result?

Outstanding and impressive feedback. We’d delivered a story and circumstances people could relate to, making the brand more approachable and their services more tangible.

This project was completed by BallantyneTaylor – the B2B marketing agency founded by our director Steve Ballantyne and Greg Taylor.