The Leftfield Brief

Leftfield is a creative and quirky wine brand that steps away from traditional wine brands and removes the pretentiousness that dominates the wine category.

We don’t want to host wine tastings, we want to throw wine parties. We don’t do tasting notes, we let people make their own mind up about what they’re tasting.

Leftfield’s target market is based on psychographics rather than demographics, fitting a particular mindset. The Leftfield consumer wants to be seen as unique and creative and wants a brand that isn’t pretentious.

Deliver brand copy for Leftfield that clearly captures the Leftfield look and feel, and brings the brand essence to life.


The Leftfield Brand Story: “The other side”

There’s the conventional side. Those who live there follow conventions, play it safe, try not to stand out and let their creative spark lay dormant.  Then there’s the other side. Where the creatures of curiosity run, free of all restraint. Unpredictable and off-beat, they’re the rebels, the artists, the innovators.

They question authority, thrive on uncertainty, always seeking a better adventure. They decry sameness and are relentless in their pursuit of individuality.

Leftfield is where you’ll find them, these wonderfully free-spirited creatures of curiosity.
A place where they can let their imagination run free, unconfined by the constraints of convention.

Loathing pretension and “expert” opinion, they want their wine to disarm them, to come out of left field, to be whatever they want it to be.

Welcome to Leftfield. The other side.

Flamingo Recluse – Pinot Noir

The Flamingo Recluse has a gorgeous expression of colour but won’t say much until you get to know her. The introvert with a colourful appearance who doesn’t want to talk about it, once she opens up, you’ll be in awe of her artistry.

Squidcrab – Pinot Gris

The racy little Squidcrab cries at the drop of a hat. Her sweet and gentle side combined with warm comforting spice draws you in and before you know it, you’re ‘fessing up to all your sins.

Lizard Fish – Chardonnay

The Lizard Fish is all about balance, reading the mood and knowing when to say when. Bright and intuitive, they know what you’re thinking before you do while their easygoing nature means they’re liked by all.


TESTIMONIAL: Gabrielle Manu, Global Assistant Brand Manager, Villa Maria says:

“Leftfield holds a unique position in our portfolio and required an equally unique approach. What made this project a special one for us is Steve’s refreshingly different approach to brand storytelling. Anyone can ‘talk the talk’ but Steve and his team were able to deliver a strategic direction and brand story that didn’t just talk at people – it invited them into the story.”