We help brands use storytelling to communicate more powerfully

We help brands use storytelling to communicate more powerfully

Make your brand 20 times more memorable

Stories are memory magnets. Research has proven that stories are over 20 times more memorable than facts alone. Our story-driven marketing system has been developed from analysing results from 100’s of marketing campaigns (over 25 years) and by studying the world’s leading thinkers on narrative science.

We’re a creative marketing agency based in Auckland NZ. We offer the best of both worlds. The content development skills of a content marketing agency combined with the creative fire power of a creative marketing and advertising agency. We lead with story-driven marketing strategies and specialise in business to business marketing and innovative B2B lead generation. Creative agencies Auckland, Advertising agencies Auckland. Marketing agencies Auckland.

1. We help you clarify your core brand story.

Are you struggling to define your core brand story and communicate it in a compelling way? Are you failing to differentiate your product or service offering? We have a unique, proprietary process (starting with an in-depth strategy workshop) to help you dig deep, extract your core story and craft it into an actionable marketing plan.

2. We craft your customer personas and stories

We develop your customer personas, create a strategic messaging framework (from your core brand story) and then do keyword research to ensure all your digital content is optimized for Google Search. We then work with you to uncover the unique, authentic stories in your business and craft them into the best formats for your target audience.

3. We amplify content and generate quality leads.

We’ll develop a cross-platform media plan to promote the hell out of your marketing content, reporting back on results as we go. Most story-driven marketing programmes we run are measured by leads generated and the positive impact on organic search rankings. Our story-driven marketing content also plays a vital role in supporting sales activity.

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June 27, 2019

How to use ‘wonder gestures’ to build your brand

In my last blog post I introduced the importance of giving your brand a ‘wonder…
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Meet Steve Ballantyne

I’ve been working in marketing for 25 years as a strategic advisor to companies like OfficeMax, Canon, ColorCote, Speedy Signs, Westfield, Unitec and Lockwood. I have also launched and run a creative marketing agency, and recruitment businesses that have over 2500 customers.

My mission is to help brands build stronger engagement with their stakeholders by using the powerful principles of story-driven marketing. I have learnt these principles from both experience and studying the world’s leading experts on narrative science, and have formulated them into a story-driven marketing system that works.

I believe that well crafted stories can be the most effective tool for driving growth in your business, and I’d love to show you how we can make this happen with our story-driven marketing system.

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What our clients say about us

Steve Haines - NZ Sales & Marketing Manager ColorCote

"We’ve had a really successful partnership with Steve, Nicqui and the team over the last four years. They have worked with us on a significant brand transformation project that has touched every aspect of our business from product naming strategies, through to new print collateral, trade stands, website and digital advertising. The results have been phenomenal. Significant growth in market share, record sales month after month and the Marketing Leadership award at the 2016 Marketing Awards."

Craig Manson - Change Hunters

“I have worked with Steve as a marketing advisor for over 15 years in leadership roles at Canon and most recently Change Hunters. He is one of the best marketing thinkers in the business and has always been a great strategic sounding board for me. His team have also produced some strong creative work that has helped me to drive growth, sales and staff engagement. Steve is an accomplished speaker and has a deep understanding of business storytelling. I’m excited to see this play out in his new consultancy and to continue working with Steve and the Story IQ team."

Sonja Webb - Marketing Manager OfficeMax

"Steve has been a valued brand strategist for OfficeMax over the last 5 years and spearheaded the strategic thinking behind the re-positioning of our OfficeMax brand a number of years ago. He has a deep knowledge of business storytelling narratives and the ability to see where the perceptual white space is in the market and create a brand positioning strategy to successfully fill it."