Our story branding process

We use story science to create your brand story

We define and craft your brand story as a guiding narrative for all your external and internal communications, using proven story frameworks. We then review your marketing materials to make sure they are reflecting the new brand story and using story structure for best results.

We then optimise your website for lead generation

Once we have developed a clear brand story, we work with you to create a high-converting website. We also establish your customer personas, map out the buyer journey, and then create all the content elements (eBooks, videos, digital & social ads etc) needed for your marketing.

We develop a marketing plan & promote your story

Finally, we develop a 12-month content marketing plan - outlining what traditional and digital media channels you should use to promote your brand story. We constantly test the effectiveness of each marketing channel and messaging and keep optimising both to maximise results.

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vineyard Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc the terroir of branding Story IQ
Brand Storytelling
November 15, 2019

The terroir of branding.

In early November, Marlborough winemakers raised a glass to celebrate the trademarking of the Appellation…
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Frederick the Great, potato king, rebranding the potato Story IQ
October 31, 2019

The Law of Scarcity and the rebranding of the potato.

Here's a tale from the 1700's that beautifully demonstrates the Law of Scarcity. Old Frederick…
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Brands we have worked with

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What our clients say about us

Steve Haines - ColorCote

"We’ve had a really successful partnership with Steve, Nicqui and the team over the last four years. They have worked with us on a brand transformation project that has touched every aspect of our business from product naming, through to print collateral, trade stands, and digital. The results have been phenomenal. Significant growth in market share, record sales and a Marketing Leadership award in 2016."

Craig Manson - Change Hunters

“I have worked with Steve as a marketing advisor for over 15 years in leadership roles at Canon and most recently Change Hunters. He is one of the best marketers in the business and has always been a great strategic sounding board for me. Steve is an accomplished speaker and has a deep understanding of brand storytelling. I’m excited to see this play out in Story IQ and to continue working with Steve and the team."

Sonja Webb - OfficeMax

"Steve has been a valued brand strategist for OfficeMax over the last 5 years and spearheaded the strategic thinking behind the re-positioning of our OfficeMax brand a number of years ago. He has a deep knowledge of business storytelling narratives and the ability to see where the perceptual white space is in the market and create a brand positioning strategy to successfully fill it."